If I’m involved in a crash, what needs to be available for the Officer?

Your valid driver license, your current vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. 

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1. I feel that I was treated unfairly during my encounter with a police officer, who can I speak to about this?
2. I don't agree with the citation that was issued to me by the officer, who can I speak to regarding the citation?
3. Do I need a lawyer for my traffic violation?
4. My car was impounded, can the police search it?
5. What do I do if I get pulled over by the police?
6. How do I submit a report to the TN Department of Safety on an accident which has happened on private property?
7. If I am a passenger in a motor vehicle do I have to give the officer my drivers license?
8. Does Clarksville Police Department have "quotas"?
9. Can I (Citizen) tow an abandoned vehicle?
10. If I’m involved in a crash, what needs to be available for the Officer?
11. How does the hands free law apply to me?
12. Does my rank from the military service carry over to the Police Department?
13. Does my prior military service interfere with my chances of getting hired?
14. Can I turn in my application prior to turning 21 years of age?
15. Can I start the department’s hiring process before the end of my military service?
16. Does your Department offer tuition assistance or reimbursement?
17. I am currently serving in the National Guard Reserves. Will this interfere with any employment opportunities?
18. Is there a study guide for the new applicant written test?
19. I have/had security clearance while I was in the military. Will that have any effect on my background investigation as far as needing to have one completed or speeding up the process?
20. If I am hired do I have to pay for the police academy?
21. Do I get to go home at the end of each day while I am at the Academy?
22. I currently do not live in Clarksville, Montgomery County. Will I need to move to Clarksville if I get hired?