What types of concerns should be reported?

You should report any activity by a City official or City employee that you consider to be illegal, improper, wasteful, or fraudulent. For clarity, see the definitions of fraud, waste, and abuse below:

  • Fraud - An intentional deception that violates a law or the public trust for personal benefit or the benefit of others
  • Waste - Behavior involving the extravagant, careless, or needless use of government funds, property, and/or personnel
  • Abuse - Behavior involving the use of government funds or property that a prudent person would not consider reasonable and necessary business practice given the facts and circumstances

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1. How does the hotline work?
2. What information should I include?
3. What happens after I state my concern?
4. Will I hear back from the City regarding my concern?
5. Am I required to provide my contact information?
6. Will my identity be kept confidential if I identify myself?
7. What if I am retaliated against for stating my concern?
8. What types of concerns should be reported?
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