Clarksville Greenway

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The Clarksville Greenway is the City's central trail corridor and includes trails North and South of the Red River. Whether you are wanting to get active or take a scenic walk through nature, the Clarksville Greenway offers a wonderful experience for citizens and visitors with views of the river and beautiful forestry. Bike, skate, run or walk the trail, and maybe bring a friend or pet too! Restrooms are available at several trailheads as well as benches and resting areas.


Access points are located at Heritage Park Trailhead, Pollard Road Trailhead, and Mary's Oak Trailhead only in designated areas. The trailhead with the most parking is Heritage Park on Peachers Mill Road.

Native species of plants and animals can be viewed throughout the corridor. The community also benefits from these natural areas as they provide clean air and water, flood storage and protection, reduce erosion as well as offer educational resources. One of the unique features of the trail is the Raymond C. Hand Pass, a 600-foot pedestrian bridge.

Protect the Trail

Please Follow these Rules:

  • Do not park on roadways or block private residences.
  • Do not remove plants or feed/disturb wildlife.
  • Keep pets on leashes and clean up after your pet.
  • Keep to the right, pass on the left.
  • Park only in designated parking spaces.
  • Put trash in receptacles.
  • Stay on designated trail.


Safety is our highest priority! View the following pointers to make sure you stay safe:

  • Bicyclists and skaters must adhere to warning signage, yield to pedestrians, and give an audible signal when passing.
  • Exit immediately during heavy rain, snow or other inclement weather.
  • Leave valuables at home and take your car keys with you.
  • Be careful on the large hills south of the Pollard Road trailhead. We encourage all bicyclists to dismount on these large hills.
  • The following are prohibited:
    • Parking on the Grass
    • Pets on the Playground
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Camping or Open Fires
    • Disturbance of Plants or Wildlife
    • Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
    • Equestrian Traffic
    • Inflatables, Tents & Canopies 
    • Metal or Artifact Detecting
    • Profanity
    • Skateboards, Motorized Vehicles & Scooters (except mobility devices)
    • Sleeping on Park Grounds/Property
    • Smoking, Vaping & Tobacco within 25 feet of playground, pavilion & patrons
    • Weapons, Firearms & Hunting (Except as permitted by TCA 39-17-13)
    • Speed Enforced by Radar - 15MPH

Improvement Projects

We wholeheartedly recognize the vital role our facilities, parks, and trails play in our community's well-being, and we are dedicated to crafting transformative improvement projects that not only meet but exceed the desires and expectations of our cherished residents. Keep an eye out for the Red River Pedestrian Bridge connecting the Greenway to the Riverwalk.

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