Natural Gas Safety & Public Awareness

Clarksville Gas is very proud of its enduring safety record in the delivery and management of natural gas through many miles of pipeline. We have achieved this safety record through the diligent efforts of the gas pipeline industry and by working closely with state and federal agencies and the public.

It is our goal to continually improve public safety by improving our safety record. In order to meet or exceed this goal we must first remember that natural gas is flammable and if its release is not controlled, it could result in a fire or an explosion. Gas employees vigilantly monitor the gas system from residential meters to underground pipelines to ensure its safety, but we need your help, too.

  1. Call Before You Dig
  2. Pipeline Awareness
  3. Report Unusual Conditions
  4. Steps to Take in an Emergency

Call Before You Dig!

Are you thinking about building a new swimming pool, installing a drain tile system, constructing a fence or new building? If so, you must call 811 (800-351-1111) before you dig!

One Call System

For your convenience, the Clarksville Gas Department and other utilities have joined a "One Call System" that notifies participating utilities to locate underground lines 72 hours prior to the onset of your excavation or digging project. All you have to do is call the Tennessee One Call System at 811 (800-351-1111), provide them with the information concerning your work and they will alert the participating utilities in the "One Call" program to locate lines where your digging project will take place.

The program is designed to prevent costly and potentially dangerous excavation damage to pipelines, utilities, water lines and telecommunication systems. The law requires notification and fines can be imposed for failure to comply.

Within 72 hours of your phone call to the "One Call" system, we will investigate the area of your work and mark in yellow paint, flags or stakes where our pipelines are located. Every effort is made to place the markings directly above the pipe, but the location could vary two feet in either direction. Depth of the pipeline is not usually indicated, requiring extreme caution while excavating in close proximity of a marked facility. It is required that pipelines be exposed by hand digging.

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