City Forestry

The City of Clarksville Forestry Division maintains trees on all city-owned properties and seeks to protect and improve the City’s tree assets to benefit current and future generations

City Forester, Kathrine Killebrew, is an Arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA # SO-7254A)  Email Kathrine for questions or concerns.

The City of Clarksville has been "Tree City USA" certified for 34 years and has been awarded the Tree City USA Growth Award for 18 years. By achieving and maintaining this certification, our community showcases its dedication to preserving and enhancing its urban tree canopy, fostering community engagement in tree-related activities, and ultimately contributing to the overall health and sustainability of its environment. This designation not only reflects a city's active participation in responsible tree care but also often translates to tangible benefits such as improved air quality, enhanced aesthetics, and a heightened sense of community pride.

The City of Clarksville is an annual recipient of the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program Grant (TAEP) for Tree planting projects throughout the City. 

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TN Urban Forestry Council has selected the Clarksville Tree Board as the top tree board in the state for 2023


Members of the Tree Board (pictured above) were recognized for their efforts by the Clarksville City Council at their November 2023 Regular Session.

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Tree Planting and Care

New Tree Planting -
Information on proper practices for planting a tree with a nine-step approach to successful planting and establishment. 

List of Recommended Native Trees for Middle Tennessee - Nashville Tree Foundation
Learn about each tree, how tall will they grow, the bloom time , description, and maintenance  needed, 

Tree ID - The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service 
The All Season Pocket Guide To Identifying Common Tennessee Trees.