Financial Assistance

Introducing Clarksville Parks and Recreation's Financial Assistance Program

At Clarksville Parks and Recreation, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, regardless of financial constraints. We understand that financial barriers can sometimes stand in the way of experiencing the joy and vitality that our parks and programs offer.

Who is Eligible:

This financial assistance is only available to residents who reside within the corporate city limits of Clarksville.  Proof of residency is required. (i.e.  Voter’s registration card, current driver’s license, or other photo identification issued by a governmental entity or utility bills in the head of household’s name). If you are without permanent housing, please provide a letter from an assisting agency; United Way, YPAKS, Housing and Community Development, etc.

Assistance will only be granted for activities solely sponsored by the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department. Reductions are not provided for activities where primary costs are contractual. The instructors in these programs are paid on a per-person or percentage of fees collected basis. 

Requests for financial assistance must be approved prior to registration. Refunds will not be provided to individuals who meet requirements after registration has been paid in full. 

Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial aid recipients may be withdrawn from the program and become ineligible for future assistance due to excessive absences. 

To qualify for financial assistance, qualifying households' income shall not exceed current Section 8 Income Limits for Very Low Income as assigned to Montgomery County, TN.  Proof of income is required. (i.e. - tax return, government assistance confirmation, SNAP, WIC Card, or another official record of the household’s income). 

Family Size /Annual Household Income Thresholds  

  • 1/$25,550
  • 2 /$29,200
  • 3 /$32,850
  • 4 /$36,500
  • 5 /$39,450
  • 6 /$42,350
  • 7 /$45,300
  • 8 /$48,200

For each additional family member add 8 percent 

In an effort to reach those most in need, and to provide enriching activities to the children of those who are currently in desperate situations, the Department may partner with local organizations to provide passes to select Parks and Recreation amenities, free of charge. The passes would be granted to those 18 and under.

As of January 1, 2021, recreation center memberships are free of charge for anyone 18 and under or 65 and older.

How to Apply

01-041A Financial Assistance Application

  • The applicant will complete and submit the Financial Assistance Application, proof of residency, and proof of income to the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department at least fourteen (14) days before the close of registration.  Applications and supporting documentation may be emailed to, or submitted in person at 102 Public Square, Clarksville, TN 37040. Your application will be reviewed and remain confidential. 
  • Applicants who submit a timely and complete application will be notified of a decision regarding their application at least five (5) days before the close of registration. Failure of the Department to render a decision in a timely manner shall not give rise to any liability therefore on the part of the City. 
  • Once approved, the financial aid discount is applied to the qualifying applicant's recreation account allowing them to register online.  
  • Qualifying applicants' aid expires after 365 days. Financial Aid recipients must reapply annually.