City Judge

Charles Smith sitting behind judges table
  1. Charles W. Smith

    City Judge
    About Charles W. Smith
    The City of Clarksville is served by a part-time city judge who presides over Municipal Court as prescribed by ordinance. The Municipal Judge has the authority to impose fines against violators of city ordinances and to issue arrest warrants. He shall keep or cause to be kept the city court dockets embodying complete detailed records of all cases tried and determined in his court.

    Clarksville Code - Article IV, Section 4.2
    The judge of said city court shall be at least thirty (30) years of age and a person learned in the law by practice and profession, and of good moral character, and shall have been for two years before his election a bona fide resident and voter in the County of Montgomery and a bona fide resident of the City of Clarksville at the time of his election.

    Charles W. Smith's term expires December 31, 2024. The Municipal Judge is elected by the voters of the City of Clarksville for a term of four years.

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